Precinct Organization

Montgomery County Grassroots

The Precinct Organization is the life-blood of
the Montgomery County Democratic party


Precinct officials distribute Democratic Party material at each polling place during the primary and the general elections. Also, precinct chairs and vice chairs assist in the annual “Dollars Drive.” Precinct officials register voters and maintain a year-round grassroots party presence in the precinct.

Consider joining local Democrats
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The Democratic Party is active in your community. If you are interested in participating please consider becoming a precinct official. Press “Check your Precinct”, below to determine what your precinct is. Fill out the Application. If you have questions, please call the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) at 301-946-1000.

Precinct Team Member Application

The precinct organization is the backbone of the Democratic party’s grassroots organization strategy. Our precinct members are the best organizers around, and new applicants are always welcome!

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U.S. Senators thank the Precinct Team Members

Know Your Role

  • Precinct Organization Handbook
  • The Official Role of the Precinct Organization

    Actively support and direct the campaign for the entire Democratic ticket during the general election. This includes providing for a display of Democratic literature and assuring continuous poll coverage and electioneering while the polls are open on general election day.

    Organize and direct the Dollars for Democrats drive and delivering funds and receipts to the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee promptly.

    Provide a table on primary election day on which all Democratic candidates shall be allowed to place their literature. The Precinct Chairperson or the Chairperson’s designee shall be available continuously while the polls are open on primary election day to ensure that literature on the table is undisturbed and electioneering for Democratic candidates runs smoothly.

    Maintain contact with precinct residents and expanding the Democratic voter base by recruitment of precinct volunteers, by conducting voter registration drives, and/or by publication of precinct newsletters Conduct such campaign activities in the precinct as designated by the Democratic Central Committee, e.g., voter identification, newsletters, canvassing, Get Out The Vote, and such other duties as are assigned by the Democratic Central Committee.

    Attend meetings duly called by the Central Committee or by the Precinct Organization. A precinct official may be excused from attending a meeting of the Precinct Organization if, prior to the meeting, the precinct official provides their Central Committee district liaison with a reasonable excuse. If a precinct official misses a meeting of the Precinct Organization and the Central schedules a make-up informational meeting, the precinct official will be expected to attend the make-up meeting, unless (prior to the meeting) the precinct official provides their Central Committee district liaison with a reasonable excuse for not attending that meeting.

Find your Precinct Number

Montgomery County is divided into 215 voting precincts, in addition to 8 State Legislative Districts and 5 County Council Districts.

As a Precinct team member you will be assigned a precinct that you will represent along with a team of Democrats that are just as committed as you!

Follow the link below to use your address to find your precinct number and district numbers?