About the MCDCC

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC)

The Democratic Party is organized on three levels. These are National, State, and County, with each having their own “Central Committee.”

The Central Committee acts as the governing body for the Democratic Party, or any party under the Maryland State Constitution. In Maryland, each County has its own elected members of their Central Committee, which are elected in that Party’s Primary Election. (cite needed)

In Montgomery County, the Central Committee is divided into the 8 State Legislative Districts with 2 members each, and 8 At-Large members. Our By-laws do restrict the number of voting members in each legislative district to 4.

Gender Balance is required by the State Democratic Party rules so that there are an equal number of women and men on the committee at all times. This provision creates additional seats on the committee if the elected members are not in gender balance. These members are appointed by the committee when necessary and they have full voting rights.

The Maryland Constitution allows for a Central Committee to play a role in the appointment of vacancies in State office. Therefore, your Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) is called on to pick a successor in the event of a vacancy in State office (this only occurs if the vacancy occurs before or after an election).

Your Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee Members

Darrell Anderson

Democratic Party Chair
Darrell Anderson (District 39) PO Box 1522 406 Grove Ave Washington Grove MD 20880-1522 301-963-8555 darrellanderson01@comcast.net

Arthur Edmunds

Vice Chair
Arthur Edmunds (District 14) 8615 Augusta Farm Ln Laytonsville MD 20882-1423 301-253-8639 edlearth@aol.com

Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen (District 16) 5320 Allandale Rd Bethesda MD 20816 wcohen@yahoo.com

Tim Whitehouse

Tim Whitehouse (District 15) 17207 Lightfoot Ln Poolesville MD 20837 240-246-4492 timwhitehouse@mac.com

Johntel Greene

Assistant Secretary
Johntel Greene (District 20) 8609 Cedar St. Silver Spring, MD 20910 240-441-8597 johntel.greene@gmail.com

Erin Yeagley

Assistant Treasurer
Erin Yeagley (District 17) 203 Croydon Ave Rockville MD 20852 eyeagley@mcgeo.org started on MCDCC July ...

Chris Bradbury

At Large Member
Chris Bradbury (District 14) 3500 Spencerville Dr Burtonsville, MD 20866 301-326-5256 chris@chris-bradbury.com

Natalia Farrar

At Large Member
Natalia Farrar (District 19) 4401 Oak Hill Rd Rockville MD 20853 240-731-7771 natalia.farrar@gmail.com

Michael Gruenberg

At Large Member
Michael Gruenberg (District 16) 11204 Buckwood Ln Rockville MD 20852 516-965-8454 michael.gruenberg@verizon.net

Marjorie Goldman

At Large Member
Marjorie Goldman (District 15) 10917 Lamplighter Lane Potomac, MD 20854-2782 301-758-8888/Home mgmagoo@gmail.com

Dave Kunes

At Large Member
Dave Kunes (District 20)

Venattia Vann

District 15
Venattia Vann 20525 Neerwinder St Germantown MD 20873-2808 301-601-0058 vwvann@comcasst.net

Loretta Jean Garcia

District 16
Loretta Jean Garcia 6402 Whittier Ct Bethesda MD 20817 attorneygarcia@aol.com

Julian Haffner

District 17
Julian Haffner 254 W. Deer Park Rd Gaithersburg MD 20877 julianhaffner@gmail.com

Jonathan Prutow

District 17
Jonathan Prutow 1620 E Jefferson St Rockville, MD 20852-4080 202-577-4814 jonathan.prutow@gmail.com

Alan Banov

District 18
Alan Banov (District 18) 9605 Hillridge Drive Kensington, MD 20895-3121 301-942-6279/Home leaglrun@aol.com

Aaron Kaufman

District 18
Aaron Kaufman 3203 Turner Lane Chevy Chase, MD 20815 301-951-3477 amkaufman1987@gmail.com

Harold N. Diamond

District 19
Harold N. Diamond 4400 Hornbeam Drive Rockville, MD 20853 301-929-1107 handddiamond@hotmail.com

Jeanelle Wilkins

District 20
Jeanelle Wilkins

Marlin J. Jenkins

District 20
Marlin J. Jenkins

Mumin Barre

District 39
Mumin Barre 8007 Cloverwood Ct Gaithersburg MD 20879 mumin.barre@gmail.com

Juan Cardenas

District 39
Juan Cardenas 19729 Framingham Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20879 H: 301-963-4980 juan_miguel@verizon.net

Jennifer M. Hosey

District 17 (Appointed)
Jennifer M. Hosey 4 Monroe Place #1206 Rockville MD 20850 301-905-6779 jennifer.m.hosey2012@gmail.com

Mabrouka (Mimi) Hassanein

District 14
Mabrouka (Mimi) Hassanein 2000 Tanbrook Way Brinklow MD 20862 301-379-7868 mimicatzoo@yahoo.com

Emily Shetty

District 18
Emily Shetty 9702 Hill St Kensington, MD 20895-3133 (301) 346-8118 emily.shetty@gmail.com

Luisa María Arévalo

District 19
Luisa María Arévalo 4632 W Frankfort Dr Rockville, MD 20853-2721 (240) 398-8326 luarevalo03@gmail.com

Brenda Wolff

District 14
Brenda Wolff 16111 Llewellyn Manor Way Silver Spring, MD 20905 (240) 461-0513 bwolff2@verizon.net