Clinton pens ‘message to Muslims’ that is also a warning to Trump

Source: Wash post

Donald Trump’s rivals in the Republican presidential race have been timid and unconvincing in repudiating his “prejudice and paranoia,” Hillary Clinton wrote in an online “message to Muslims” on Tuesday.

She dismissed the tut-tutting from Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and others in response to Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States because of the risk of terrorism.

“When you take a step back and see what the Republican field as a whole says about Muslims — not just one or two candidates for president, but nearly all of them — it’s hard to take seriously their attempts to distance themselves from Mr. Trump,” Clinton wrote.

“He’s just articulating the logical conclusion of what the rest of them have been saying.”

She noted that Ben Carson, who had surged to second place in the crowded Republican field before falling back in recent weeks, has said that a Muslim should not be president.

“Marco Rubio compares Muslims to members of the Nazi Party and refuses to rule out monitoring and closing of mosques. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have suggested that we implement a religious test for Syrian refugees — one that only Christians would pass,” she wrote. “Chris Christie says not even 3-year-old Syrian orphans should be let in.”

The signed essay sought to reassure Muslim Americans that she shares their concerns, while tying the rest of the GOP field to rhetoric that could hurt the party in the general election. The message also served as a invitation for donations to Clinton’s campaign.

“To Muslim Americans: What you’re hearing from Trump and other Republicans is absolutely, unequivocally wrong,” Clinton wrote. “It’s inconsistent with our values as a nation — a nation which you are helping to build.”

“This is your country, too,”she continued. “I’m proud to be your fellow American. And many, many other Americans feel the same way.”

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